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APR 2015 ~~ MAY 2015

Art in Paradise in Pattaya and Art in Paradise Bangkok

Event Day Songkran "shout it aloud Art in Paradise  ( T Max". )

Between 1-30  April 2015

Activity easy that anyone can join.

Just yelling, shouting,and shouting

Reward No.1  iPhone 6 Plus 64 GB. Gold.

Reward No.2  Samsung Galaxy A7

Reward No.3 GoPro Camera

How to Join

1. Participants filed the ticket for register.

2. shouting the word "Art in  Paradise " to a sound level meter.

3. Official Records Volume sound.

4. The weekly update on Facebook page

** All participants will receive Tattoo "shouted aloud Art in Paradise T Max".

Announcement: May 4 2015

** Ranked by unit volume ( Decibel ).

In the event that two or more equal level decibel.

 Art in Paradise  is a random drawing to select.

Person receive award

Can follow undulation of pages on Facebook.

New event

SEP 2014 ~~ OCT 2014


ตั๋ว 1 ใบ เที่ยวได้ 2 ที่ ร่วมเปิดประสบการณ์ใหม่ กับดินแดนมหัศจรรย์ของพัทยาได้แล้วที่นี่ Art in Paradise & Pipo Pony Club

เวลา เปิด-ปิด
PIPO PONY CLUB=9:30 น. – 19:00 น.
ART IN PARADISE=9:00 น. – 21:00 น.

ราคาพิเศษ(เที่ยวได้ 2ที่)
ผู้ใหญ่ 200 บาท
เด็ก 140 บาท (ส่วนสูงไม่เกิน130 cm)


New event

July 2014


Charity Festival


อาร์ท อิน พาราไดรซ์
Donate books for young's

ART IN PARADISE, We proudly invite everyone to "Donate our books to special young's"


New event

Mar 2014


The 1st ‘Contents-Wanted” Contest of ART IN PARADISE PATTAYA Greetings tom you all~~!!

ART IN PARADISE, Interactive museum, whom always willing to create museum with all the visitors, would like to invite you all to participate “Year 2014 Contents-Wanted Contest’ for our new zone in the museum.

Subject : LOVE (love between lovers, love among friends, love among family

                           and etc.)

Application : send your ideas of contents (photoshop or(and) illustration

                        ready is first priority for decision) at

Period : 01/Mar/2014 ~ 31/Mar/2014.

Prizing Date : 07/Apr/2014 (fanpage and our homepage)

Prize : 1st winner – 10,000baht of central department store gift voucher + chance to participate our new painting.

            2nd winner – 5,000baht of central department store gift voucher

            3rd winner – 1 year validity art in paradise entrance ticket.